Lured into a trap by the Father of the Homunculi, Edward Elric found himself at death's door. Father spared him, but at a cruel price. When the young man found consciousness again more than six months later, he had been recreated as one of the monsters he hated. Torn between his human past and his homunculus present, Ed battles against his new identity as Pride in his efforts to regain his humanity... or die trying.

Mangahood AU Pride!Ed RP blog


M!A: None


Ed gaped in disbelief. “What the… Did someone announce my presence to the world when I wasn’t looking!?”

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    "You killed the emperor of Xing? How the hell was that supposed to help you get immortality?" Ed hoped he wasn’t...
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    "I was so close to it," he said, grasping the air in front of him. "It was close and I could smell it." He sighed...
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    Lust walks up laying a foldet on fathers desk and smiled. “Here are the pictures you’ve asked for father… not very many...
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    "Your Father… Von Hohenehim.. The only think I ever gave a damn about until my children . .They where to fill the void I...
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    Al nods as he lays his head on his brothers shoulder. “You’re, i never thought of that.”